Monday, March 7, 2011


So After having 2 kiddos now have to make trips to the ER for Breathing issues and fevers in the middle of the night, I have decided that we are truly blessed. Both of my boys at 6 months have had ER visits and both were discharged after only a few hours with fairly good Diagnosis. Last night was the 2 of our infant trips to the ER because Bear woke up at 1am with a raging 104.5 fever. I tried getting a hold of the Dr. but couldn't so I bundled him up and off we went. Turns out he has Croup too which the Pedi told me kids under 6 months don't usually get it. Well guess what? he did get it. So here we sit in a house full of sickies where I am the only person without any sort of cough, cold, or fever... yep even the BIG boy has the sickies. I think about these families that have kiddos admitted to the hospital all the time and just believe more and more we are so blessed to have happy and healthy (for the most part) children. Thank you God.

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