Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Dogs and Marshmallows

Ok so I know in Colorado March is a bit early to be camping but that is what we did. And yes... It did snow on us, Twice. We had so much fun though so that made up for it. We bought our camper in Late October last year and were itchin' to get out and camp. We decided we would go this past weekend and it didn't matter that the weather called for snow and rain all weekend. So off we went into the cold mountains of Western Colorado for a fun filled weekend of Fishing and Camping. We did Fish and we did Camp but we didn't catch anything but cold fingers and toes. We had so much fun though and it was just great to be out and about and away from civilization for a few days.

One of my favorite things about the weekend was something that Cannon said. As we were pulling into the fishing area at Crawford Resovior he got super excited and said "Look at the trees they are so pretty and they are Upside down" To which our response was "What?" Well after looking in his direction I notice the reflection in the water of the mountains and trees were "upside down" It's just amazing to me the way kids view the world.

All in all we had a really fun weekend and the cold wasn't even that bad. Can't wait for warmer weather camping though.

Yes it is snowing on us while fishing.

This cracks me up... his face says "Seriously People... It's Snowing, why are we out here?"

Our Pretty Campfire

Bug roasting some marshmallows

Karter got in on the roasting of the hotdogs.

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