Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I have had quite a few hobby's in my years, but none really right now. So I decided to learn how to Knit. hahaha. So I went to Walmart the other day and bought a "Teach yourself to knit" book and DVD kit, bought a skein of Yarn and went to it. I decided to knit something easy to start out with and boy am I glad I did... I am making a Scarf for my 3 year old to wear. It is the most uneven and holy knitted scarf I have ever seen but as my mom and husband keep pointing out he will love it because it was made just for him by me. For the last 3 days since I started this project he has come out of his room in the morning and asked me how his scarf is coming along. Now for some knitting lingo... I started with 24 stitches and went down to about 20 then back up to 24. I am now about 1/2 way done and have 27 stitches. Not sure how it's going to look but at least I have found a new hobby.


  1. LOL I did that too with my first scarf, but once you get the hang of it, it is so fun....I started doing a few hats..and of course I can see the flaws but the kids dont care!! youtube is also a good tutorial, I still have lots and lots to learn!! Good luck with you new hobby!!!

  2. That is funny! I did the same thing last time I was over in GJ. I haven't tried to make anything yet, I have just been practicing. Good Luck to you and your knitting!