Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st time for everything.

Well I did it. Yesterday was the first day I officially felt like a "bad mom". I was out running around town and my baby boy pooped in his diaper so I went to change him and when I got in the Diaper bag... NO DIAPERS! I have read about these things happening to other people and thought oh my goodness how can you forget to take diapers with you. Well that is what I get for thinking. So I changed him into a Burp rag and put 2 pairs of pants on him and headed home. He made it home without going potty again so that was good. I am just glad that I am a thrifty, fast thinking mom and had those supplies in the bag.


  1. Pshaw. If that's the worst thing you do as a mom you're good. I'm the queen of never having diapers. It stared at my 1st kid's 1st peds appt and never got any better :). After 4 kids I've gotten a little better about remembering to bring diapers but I'm now becoming famous for having no wipes or only desiccated wipes. Now THOSE poop crises are fun.... My big barrier is that we use cloth @ home and largely disposable while out, so it's a different system that doesn't intermingle so I often haven't checked my disposable supplies in awhile. That and I have more important things on my mind. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :p

  2. Nicole I will be doing the cloth thing when Karter gets a bit older We have a full stock of them for one year olds. I will do cloth in and disposable out as well. Thanks for the encouragment.